Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Drama High: Second Chance

Divine, L. Drama High: Second Chance. Drama High

New York: Kensington Publishing Corp. 2006. Print.

Annotation: This is the second book in the Drama High series. Jayd’s life continues to be filled with drama and it is only the second week of junior year. She is moving on from the fight with Trecee and her break up with KJ. More drama is on its way because her new love interest is a half-Jewish, rich white boy, Jeremy.

Booktalk: Can Jayd really put South Bay High School, a.k.a. Drama High behind her for even a couple of days? Jayd’s view of school quickly changes as starts hanging out with Jeremy. Jeremy is also a student at South Bay High School and dating him brings about many challenges since they are from different backgrounds and he is white and his parents are loaded. It may not hurt to have a rich boyfriend. It is quite and adjustment for both of their families. However, they are both willing to pursue a relationship regardless of other people's opinion. When Jayd’s crew gets word of their relationship, everyone seems to have their own thoughts on why their relationship won't last. This includes KJ, who is Jayd's ex-boyfriend. He is trying desperately to convince her to give him a second chance. But the drama continues, as her nemesis Misty just can't resist spreading more rumors about her. Misty causes trouble for Jayd’s new man by getting Jeremy in trouble and trying to impress KJ. Jayd has a lot on her plate; spiritually work for Mama, keeping up with her homework, not crossing the path of the prejudice Mrs. Bennett, and helping her girls understand her feelings about Jeremy. Jayd must use all her strength to be above the drama and decide if Jeremy can really be her new man. She is a Williams woman -and her grandmother says that means the drama will follow her wherever she goes. So it is just another day for Jayd at Drama High.

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