Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Chocolate War

Cormier, Robert. The Chocolate War

Panthoen Books, 1974. Print. chocolate war

Annotation: Jerry Renault, a high school freshman seems the unlikely hero at his parochial school when he refuses to sell chocolates for the school fundraiser. But his hero status quickly fades to outcast and then victim from the abuses of power as Jerry takes a stand in what he believes in.

BookTalk: Can one freshman at Trinity, an all boy parochial high school really disturb the universe? Jerry is picked by the secret society of elite students, the Vigils to do his “assignment” for initiation. Jerry’s assignment doesn’t seem that bad, just refuse to sell boxes of chocolates for the first ten days of the school-wide fundraiser and then accept his share to sell. Brother Leon has the school committed to sell twice as many boxes and Jerry’s refusal gains unwanted attention. Day 10 arrives but Jerry decides he will continue to refuse to sell the chocolates. This puts Jerry taking a stand now with both the Vigils and Brother Leon. Jerry's simple refusal ends up having far-reaching, violent and unpleasant effects. No matter what the consequences, will Jerry continue to stand up for what he believes in? Does he dare continue to disturb the universe?

Honors & Awards:
  • An ALA Best Books for Young Adults
  • A School Library Journal Best Books of the Year
  • A Kirkus Reviews Choice
  • A New York Times Outstanding Books of the Year
  • Margaret A Edwards Award

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